cnnectd is better personal connection over distance

I've been collaborating with my brother on a project that will enable us to more easily share our personal stories with our friends and family.

I've documented the process in a journal below.

The thinking​:


The building:

It began with scribbles on a page...

Social media doesn't help me feel more connected.

So I started sketching out ideas for how this could be improved. This formed the basis for the concept of "cnnectd".


I had been keeping up with friends and family through DIY podcasts, but the process sucks.

I wanted to see whether this thing has legs, so I got to work...

...then I bought Sketch...

I learned the basics from a course on Udemy and started playing around.

It was a lot of fun, and I created some screens to get what was in my head out into the world.

After the initial few screens, I started working on flows to outline the basic features.

Finally, with some pretty pictures, it was back to the drawing board to decide how to test these ideas.

Screenshot of several app designs at a higher defintion stage

We set out to define a basic product to test the riskiest assumptions.


We'll test with friends and family, adjusting our assumptions as we go.


No matter the outcome we'll have learnt a lot along the way!


If you'd like to read more about the project, check out Part 1 of the journal.

...then we started on a proof of concept.
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